Vineland Road Christian Fellowship - "Passionately Loving God, Genuinely Loving People"
Pastor Matthew Chester of Vineland Road Christian Fellowship of Winter Garden, FL
Our church has a rich history in the Central Florida region. In 1924, during a tent revival, the people began to see a need for a Spirit Filled Church in the Winter Garden area. After intense prayer and supplication, God began to lay it on their hearts to donate land for a future building to be constructed. Soon after the donation, the work began on a little wooden framed church on palmetto street in Winter Garden, and the structure was completed in 1926. As the Lord began to move, and as He added to the church, the facility quickly became too small to hold the members. 

Plans were soon laid out to start building again. God was faithful to the church through all the early years, sending revivals, crusades, and good leaders to the church. In 1947, construction began on a two story block church. Completed with Sunday School classrooms on the first floor, and the main auditorium on the second floor. This would serve as the church's main auditorium for the next 18 years. God still had more in store for our church! 
About Vineland Road Christin Fellowship a Pentecostal Church in Winter Garden, FL
In late June of 1963, the congregation yet again realized the need to expand! This is when the current Sanctuary was under construction, and was completed in 1965. Not soon after the Sanctuary was completed, the south Sunday school wing was added. In 1986, we seen the addition of the fellowship hall, along with the church office complex, as well as additional Sunday School classes. We continue to reap the benefits of God through all that He has brought us. In 2011, the Sanctuary went under an extensive remodel. After painting, redesigning the stage, and many other changes, the church is ready for its new season.
Of course VRCF is not about buildings, but its about people. The most important thing at VRCF you ask? it is Jesus Christ, where we sing and preach Him crucified. If you are looking for a Spirit filled church in the Central Florida region, we invite you to try VRCF. We would love to have you in our services!
Vineland Road Christian Fellowship Church of Winter Garden, FLorida 

We welcome you with open arms At Vineland Road Christian Fellowship. We love serving the community of Winter Garden and the greater Orlando area. Over the years we've changed a lot, but one thing has remained consistent: our focus on helping everyone find a sense of community, to worship the triune God, to embrace his presence in a spirit filled environment. Our congregation represents a rich diversity of ethnic, educational and other types of  backgrounds. Everyone can find a home at Vineland Road Christian Fellowship.