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A Spiritual Check Up

Pastor Matthew Chester & Vineland Road Christian FellowshipI hate going to the Doctor. I would rather stay at home and just hope I get better. Although rarely do I ever just "get better."One thing I really don't enjoy are the routine checkups that I have to endure. But I understand that it is in those routine checkups that my Doctor is able to evaluate my health. He is able to see and examine things that I may miss on the surface. He is looking our for my greater good, he tells me the things I need to hear, even if it hurts. He does these things to ensure my health and longevity.   

Sometimes in our spiritual lives, we must put ourselves in God's grand spiritual checkup Doctor's office. There are times we need God's Holy Spirit to search every "hidden" corridor of our heart. The places where no one see, sometimes even us. 
Recently, my Wife and I, flew to Kansas City, MO for a funeral of a dear friend. Jade and I served has Youth Pastors under him for nearly three years. As we were in flight, I had a little booklet that Jade had gotten a few years ago. As I was reading this booklet, God began to deal with my heart.  This booklet was titled "A Spiritual Check Up" As I began to turn every page my heart was wanting more. I realized I need an appointment with the Great Physician. So although painful at times, I know it is for my greater good that God gives me a check up and examines my life.  

Allow God to give you a spiritual check up. Maybe your maintaining weight(s) that has been holding you down for years. It could be that the sickness of sin has invaded your bloodstream. It could be something less serious. But what ever the ailment- JESUS CHRIST IS the prescription. Try Jesus today, ask Him to search your heart.