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Chruch not as usual

The definition of Usual is - Habitual or customary, common or an ordinary experience.
I don't believe we should have just a customary or common experience when we come into the presence of the most beloved in our lives. In fact it should be anything but usual. If you look all through the New Testament every time Jesus stepped on the scene, something unusual happened. If you remember the story of Lazarus in John chapter 11,  how Jesus lingered and waited a few days before He went to Bethany. In fact when He had finally arrived  Lazarus had been dead for 4 days. But then Jesus got involved and did an unusual thing and raised him from the dead.    
Or when Jesus turned water into wine, in John chapter 2, that was an unusual place for a miracle was at a wedding. And His mother was the one leading the charge. She came and told Him Jesus they had ran out of their drink, and she told Him He needed to do something about it. And He looks at her and told her that is wasn't His time yet, He was saying He wasn't ready. And His mother looks at the servants and tells them to do whatever He says do it. Wherever Jesus went unusual things happened. Unusual things happen when Jesus was around.  So I don't believe that Jesus ever was, ever will be about the habitual, or customary or common things. So with that in mind, there could be no way Jesus would want us to just to have a common experience in His presence 
In Luke Chapter 5 we read of an unusual church service taking place in Capernaum. Over the next few weeks I want to examine five reasons that made this church service a bit unusual. Lets discover the first reason.
1. The Bareness (Vs 18)
We know the story of the man that was sick with palsy that was outside the building where the service was taking place. But it was not the need of that man that made the service unusual, Jesus had healed many people by this time in His ministry, it was not the crowd that was there to hear Jesus. After all Jesus was preaching to thousands.  But there was something about these men that made this service a bit unusual. I don't think it would be too far fetched to think there was other in Capernaum that had a physical need their life. I'm sure there were others that had palsy, blindness, or some other type of handy cap.  The bible say "... and much fame followed Him..." (Luke 5:15). So there may have been hundreds of sick people outside the building that night. But what made this church service so unusual was the man;s desire to get to Jesus with his need. In fact four men took up his cause and was willing to do anything to get this man to Jesus.  
There are hundreds of thousands of people that attend a church service every week, but the sad part is they never get to Jesus with their need. They sit and hear about the blessings of God but never discover them for themselves. If we would like to have church that is not the norm, then we must have the same desire as these men did. Getting to Jesus at all costs. If we would approach every service with this mentality, I believe God would bless. If you recall the Woman with the issue of blood, who had to press through the crowd to get to Jesus. It is sad to see that there is less pressing in our services and there is more pretending in our services. Sure, Christ touched thousands and thousands of lives while here on earth. But only the ones that came to Him. Do you want to have church that is not just the norm? Get to Jesus with your need!