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Go With The Flow

In the year 1763 along the Mississippi River, there was a town that was founded and established by French settlers.  They called this small town the little gulf- the reason they called it the little gulf is because it was the little sister of the big gulf city which was known as New Orleans. And over time it became a very prosperous and very prominent city. It was 32 miles northeast of Natchez, MS and the city was on the banks of the Mississippi river. Sometime later, a few years later a man by the name of Thomas Calvin bought the city and he had a dear friend and mentor whose life really impacted him and he wanted to honor him so he wanted to rename the city from the little gulf to Rodney MS,  because the name of the Mentor was Rodney.
So he named it Rodney and it became a very, very prosperous city in America. As a matter of fact by the mid 1800's it had discovered the industry of cotton. And Rodney was responsible for bringing much of that agricultural prosperity to the South. It all started there in Rodney. And so much so that Rodney becomes one of the busiest ports in America. By the late 1700's they had factories, they had schools, they had hotels, they had restaurants, they had beautiful homes, they had thousands of people living in this town of Rodney, MS. Interestingly it only missed becoming the capital of the state of MS by just three votes. 
But something happened that no one could foresee, the Mississippi river over a number of years began to change courses. And little by little not suddenly, little by little over the course of years the current and the river began to go in a different direction, and by the early 1900's Rodney MS was over 3 mi off of the river. It had built its whole commerce and prosperity, was built by the commerce with the boats coming in, bringing the products and all the activity from the river. But when the river went the opposite direction and there was a three mile distance, then suddenly there was no access to the river. All the commerce and all the wealth it produced the river provided had dried up. The town slowly began to wither and die, and if you Google it, it will talk about it being on the most prominent cities  that America ever had in its early history become quote - a ghost town. 

It’s a silent testimony that screams a powerful message to you and I today. No matter how many great things you have going for you, if the river ever leaves you, you die. The holy Spirit is a life giving Spirit, the presence of Jesus is a river of living water. And just like that little town in MS, when it lost the river, when the river went a different course, it dried up, it withered up, it lost its prosperity, it lost its life, and people began to leave in droves and abandon everything. 

The same is true for our life, there is no difference between us and that little city. If we don’t have the flow, if we don’t have the river that gives life, if the spirit is not leading us, if the spirit is not directing us, if we're not in the current of the spirit that brings all of the blessings of God, all of the success of God, all of the victories of God, it comes through the river. If the river ever shifts and leaves your live then everything you know and have can dry up. No matter what we have going for us everything else will die. We must go with the flow.