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  • Pastor Matthew Chester

The Greatest Scripture in the Bible

All scripture is given by the inspiration of God. But lets be honest, we find more strength in a passage like Psalm 23, then we do in a list of genealogies from the Old Testament. However, there is a verse in the New Testament that has changed millions of lives. I mean, this verse has had such an impact on humanity that many people in our world today know of this verse even if they have no experience in church. That's why I call John 3:16 the greatest verse in the bible. Just take a look at what this verse promises.

1. The Greatest Love - - The human love you feel maybe classified as the greatest love you have ever felt. Maybe it it’s the love of a spouse, a children or a friend. However, human love is selfish and is usually given out on the basis of what it can hope to receive in return! The bible tells us about a love that is different from any kind of love we have ever felt before. God’s love is not like our love! His love is always pure, always holy, always seeking what is best for the object it loves.

His love is given freely without the hope of desire for anything in return. God loves, because He is love! His love is never ending - Jer. 31:3. His love is always given first, 1 John 4:19. His love is precious beyond words! God's love is the greatest because of its purpose.

It delivers from sin, heals hurts and disappointments, and mends broken hearts and homes. It reaches upward to the proud, downward to the depressed, inward to the affections, and outward to all humanity. John 3:1

We are told that God “so loved the world”. The word “so” indicates the depth of His love. It describes the manner of His love for fallen men. It is a deep love that motivated Him to send His Son to die for the lost. This is uncommon love!

This is God's love! Notice the object of God’s great love: the world. By its very definition, this love is no ordinary love! It is a special love that seeks to give itself away on behalf of the objects loved. Of course, this should not surprise us, after all, to love is the very nature of God, 1 John 4:8, 16.

2. The Greatest Gift - John 3:16 - Perhaps through the years you have been on the receiving end of some pretty great gifts. Gifts you thought that were the best gifts you could ever receive. Some say that the true value of love lies in what love is willing to give to the objects it loves.

Many great gifts are given- houses, cars, money. Even greater gifts are education, respect, and appreciation, and love. God gave the greatest gift "His only begotten son." Kings, presidents, not even angels could give such a gift. Only Christ's blood was efficacious.

Jesus Christ is the greatest gift because He forgives sins, cleanses hearts, give peace and eternal life to all who repent and believe. 2 Cor 9:15

You see, God’s love is not static or self-centered! His love doesn’t just sit quietly by while men drop off into Hell! His love prompted Him to do something for the men He loves!

God’s love is seen in the greatest gift you could ever receive - His Son Jesus on the cross. The death of Jesus Christ for sinners is the greatest, most visible and the absolute best gift God could ever bestow on humanity, Rom. 5:8, John 15:13!

3. The Greatest Promise - God has issued many promises in His word. Promises of peace, protection, healing's, blessings and many others that comfort the hearts and minds of believers everywhere and at all times. However, contained in John 3:16, is the greatest promise to ever fall on the ear of humanity. …Whoever believes in Jesus… You don’t have to give a certain some of money, travel to a city of great spirituality, come from a certain family or location.

It does not matter your age, your health, your current employment status. It does not matter your political affiliation, the color of your skin, where you grew up, and who your family is. All you have to do to receive the greatest love, and the greatest gift is only believe!

Again, the term “whosoever” (literally, “everyone”) reveals the universality of God’s saving plan. The gospel is addressed to “the whole creation” and, as the final great invitation of the Bible has it, “. . . he that is athirst, let him come: he that will, let him take the water of life freely” (Revelation 22:17). Only believe!

4. The Greatest News - We hear bad news every year. Things like "You sill owe me", or "I'm not sure you'll live another year" maybe you heard from your doctor "I don’t think you'll recover from this" or something that really rips our heart out "were not coming for Christmas dinner. But God mentions the ultimate bad news of life.

He uses the word “perish”. This word means “to destroy, to give over to the misery of hell.” There is a worry greater than cancer, greater than losing a child in death, greater than losing a mate. The most horrible thing that can happen to anyone is for them to live their entire life without a relationship with the Lord and the die and go to Hell!

Nothing in this world or eternity beyond can compare with dying without Jesus Christ! Why? Because of what the Bible says to those who die without Him - Psa. 9:17; 2 Thes. 1:8-9. There is no thought more horrible than the thought of going to Hell, forever, with no hope of release or reprieve.

However, John 3:16 gives us the greatest news your could ever hear, you don’t have to go there! Jesus says here that the difference between the saved man who enjoys heaven and the lost man who perishes is all wrapped up in the idea of “belief”. You don’t have to go to hell.

The greatest news you could ever hear points to us the promise that “whoever believes” in Jesus Christ will not perish. Although our sins and our rebellion clearly deserve an eternity of destruction, that is not what we will receive from God.

He will be merciful. He will spare us from destruction. He will not give us what we deserve. Jesus has ensured that. Thanks be to God for His inexpressible gift (2 Cor. 9:15).

5. The Greatest Outcome - Some of you have been stunned by the sudden passing of a consecrated person—a godly pastor, a devout missionary or a saintly mother, or a believed church member.

You have stood at the grave with tears coursing down your cheeks and have asked, “Why, O God, why?” Allow me to assure you that the death of the righteous is no accident. Do you think that the God whose watchful eyes notes the sparrow’s fall and who knows the number of hairs on our heads would turn His back on one of His children in the hour of peril?

With Him there are no accidents, no tragedies and no catastrophes as far as His children are concerned. The Apostle Paul, who lived most of his Christian life on the brink of death, expressed triumphant certainty about life beyond this realm of time and space.

When his tired, bruised body began to weaken under the load, Paul said in triumph: “For we know that if our earthly house, this tent, is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens” (2 Corinthians 5:1).

The world called Paul foolish for his belief that men could become partakers of eternal life through faith. But he declared, “I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day” (2 Timothy 1:12).

Every one of these triumphant affirmations rings with the immortal truth that the death of the righteous is unlike the death of the unrighteous. Though Christians have no immunity from death, death is to them a friend rather than a foe—the beginning rather than the end.

One of the greatest aspects of being a Christian is the wonderful hope that extends beyond the grave into the glory of God’s tomorrow. I have talked to doctors and nurses who have held the hands of dying people, and they say there is much difference between the death of a Christian and of a non-Christian as there is between Heaven and hell.

The last part of John 3:16 expresses God’s promise to those who exercise faith in the ransom provision and live according to divine standards. God intends that such faithful ones “should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

John 3:16 has the greatest information we could ever receive. It is truly the greatest verse in the bible!

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