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  • Pastor Matthew Chester

The Most Dangerous Prayer To Pray!

A view from a higher elevation

Matthew 6:7-13

I heard the story of a young man who could look out from his bedroom window of his downtown apartment onto the street below. From his window, he had a God’s-eye view of the street. On Saturday mornings, he would frequently watch the cars attempt to parallel park on the busy downtown street. He would see a car preparing to leave, and in a New York minute, another car was waiting to take its place. Often, the driver would check to see if there was enough space to park the car.

“You’ve got at least a foot at both ends,” he wanted to shout. He would watch the driver pull forward and back up, pulling forward, and then backing up again.Some drivers just never got the knack of parallel parking. He would watch as drivers, although they had plenty of extra space, roll up over the curb, or worse, bump the car in front. From his elevated position, he could see exactly what they needed to do.

“Turn now!” he had been known to say. If they’d only listen. If only they would have taken his advice. He could see things that the driver simply could not see. However, the drivers simply would not listen, and it caused many accidents that could have been avoided.

I suspect we're often like those frustrated drivers. Trying to make something work when the parking spot is too small or where there is not enough room. Often, we try to make things fit. Forcing a square peg in around hole. Trying to obtain the results or outcomes that WE want. We get frustrated when it doesn't work, and that is when it hits us. We must listen to the one who has a higher vantage point than what we have. We must listen and consult the "Way Maker."

God rarely shouts to us from the throne room of heaven. He often communicates to us through a still small voice in prayer. However, I have learned that praying is not easy. If fact, according to Matthew 6, the prayer Jesus teaches us to pray is about the hardest and most dangerous prayer we could ever send to heaven.

I say it's dangerous because Christ's model prayer forces us to relinquish control. Often, that is one of the hardest things in life to do. Is to give up control to another. However, Christ said pray...“Thy will be done.”

What did Jesus mean when He instructed us to pray that "Thy will be done"? Christ lived out this prayer for us as a way of teaching us that when we pray, we should ask God to handle every situation in the way that He deems best. That sounds easy in theory. However, it proves difficult when comforting a family when they're loved one is on the brink of leaving this world. And you look the family in the eye and tell them you will pray not for what they want, but that God's will be done. It's difficult when counselling a husband and wife who are considering bankruptcy, and might lose everything.

Praying "Thy will be done" is dangerous, hard, and sometimes difficult. Because you must be ready to do something that no one likes to do. Give up the TV remote. Not quite, but close. Give up control.

A widower married a widowed woman, he moved into his new wife's home. She told him she had put his name on the deed. She had his name placed on the title to her car. She even put his name on her entire estate, and named him as the new beneficiary of her life insurance policy. However, she told him one thing he never have…control!

Sometimes we are the same way. God you can have my time, tithes, talents, but we are reluctant to give up control. Giving up control is one of the hardest decisions we will ever make. We all want to be in control of our own lives, we all want to dictate where our lives will go. But Jesus tells his disciples and followers that the attitude of control will not work when you begin to pray "Thy will be done".

Every day, you have to decide who’s going to be in control of your life — you or God. I don’t know what you’re going to face this week. You don’t either. But I can already tell you that God see's what's coming from His vantage point. You all ready know what you need to do: Let go of control, and pray the prayer surrender in your life that "Thy will be done."

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