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  • Pastor Matthew Chester

We Might Not Look Like Much!

I once heard about an old marketing campaign for the hair product "Brylcreem." One of their more successful slogans was "a little dab will do ya." Implying that you can do a whole lot with just a little bit of product. I believe we serve a God who can do a whole lot with a little. He is a God Who moves in big ways, but He is also a God Who can take the small, insignificant things of this world and use them for His glory.

In John, Jesus feeds the multitudes with just two fish and five loaves of bread. We must remember that the One Who accomplished this miracle is the Lord we serve today. What He was able to do then, He can do now. It might not look like much, but little much when God is in it.

When all you have is just a little remember...

1. There Was More Than They Thought - Jesus was preaching to a group of over 5,000 people. The day was growing late and people were getting hungry. Jesus said, “Feed them!” The disciple answered and said, “We can’t!

We don’t have the resources. This a problem that cannot be solved!” The disciples considered their problem and they summed it up as insurmountable! In their eyes, they were facing an impossible challenge. Then, someone spots a little boy.

This boy had a small lunch. This little boy's lunch was about to be used in a way he never thought possible. The disciples could not see it, nor could they sense it, and it sure did not look like it, but that little two fish and five loaves of bread… it was more than they thought it was!

Jesus has offered us a similar command. Commands like feed my sheep, Compel them that my house may be full. Moreover, we say Lord We don’t have the resources.

We fret and worry over or problems and we are filled with doubts concerning the Lord’s ability to solve them. It might not look like much now…. If we ever grasp the truth that we are indwelt by the Spirit of God and that His limitless power is available to use, it would change our walk and it would change our lives!

2. You Don’t See What God Sees - What are two fish and 5 loaves of bread among so many thousands of people. It does not look like much. It didn’t matter that the disciples had already seen Jesus turn water into wine; heal lepers; cast out legions of demons; calm violet storms; heal people with incurable diseases, and raise the dead.

It didn’t matter that He had proven Himself to them more times than they could probably remember. All that mattered at the moment was the obstacle they saw before their eyes. They looked at the need and they said, “We can’t, and we don’t believe that You can either!”

Now I know it did not look like much but the disciples did not see what Jesus saw! Jesus can use the little things - (Baby’s cry to speak to Abraham; a stick to part the Red Sea; a stone and sling to remove a giant; a piece of cloth at Jordan; starving widow to speak to Elijah; manna to speak to 2 million people - etc!)

Your ability or resources may be small, but God is still God and He can use anything! Jesus took what the little boy had, He will use the resources you already possess and multiply them in marvelous ways!)

What does God see? When Jesse looked at David, he saw his youngest son. He saw a mere boy who was not worthy to be called to a family meeting with Samuel. When God looked at David, He saw a king, 1 Sam. 16:12. When Gideon’s family looked at him, they saw a weakling. When the Lord looked at him, God saw a warrior.

You see, the Lord knows what we will be when He gets through with us. The best thing you can ever do is to take your life, with all its problems, its failures, and its shortcomings and place all that in the hand of the Lord. He can take us like we are and transform us into something powerful and amazing by His power!

3. I Can Do More Than You Think You I Can. -When the fish were in the boy's hands, it was nothing special. It was small and it did not look like much. However, the miracle took place after the fish was given over to the Lord.

If you can ever learn to bring your "little" to Jesus and let Him have it, He can use it in a great way for His glory!

· Bring your "little" faith to Him and watch Him move your mountains.

· Bring your "little" testimony and watch Him save souls.

· Bring your "little" praise and watch Him get glory.

He used a little widow with a little meal and a little oil to take care of the man of God.

He used a little girl named Mary to bring a baby into the world, Who would grow up and die on a little cross on a little hill in a little country called Israel.

Who knows what He will do with your "little" if you can just get it into His hands! Bring your little and watch Him transform it into a lot! That is His specialty!

4. I'm Bigger Than You Think I am - Jesus Christ takes the fish and the bread, He blesses it and breaks it. And the disciples realized that Jesus was bigger than they thought he was.

We do not have the same problem? The real problem with disciples and with us as well is that we tend to focus on what we are, and not on Who He is! Without the Lord, we are weak, frail failures. With Him, we are mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.

I know that I can do nothing in myself, but I must believe that if I can get myself into the hands of the almighty one, anything can happen. If I can come to the place where I understand that He is able, even if I am not, I can be used of the Lord!

God specializes in using those who can’t to accomplish His work in the world, 1 Cor. 1:26-29. Look at the evidence:

· He used Abraham who was a pagan to be the father of the faithful.

· He used Jacob who was a liar to be the father of the nation of Israel.

· He used Joseph who was a slave to save the world.

· He used Moses, a shepherd, and a murderer to deliver His people.

· He used an unnamed servant girl to tell Namaan about God.

· He used Esther, a slave to deliver Israel.

· Israel was crying out for a deliverer, v. 7. God’s answer was Gideon!

God used all these people, and countless others down through the years, even though they did not look like much to anybody else when given over to the master, they became a powerful force.

Five fish and two loaves of bread did not look like much, a baby wrapped up in swaddling clothes, did not at the moment look like much, a cloud the size of a man's hand did not look like much, but I believe little is much when God is in it.

Bring your little talents and abilities and watch Him use you. Bring your little gifts and watch Him multiply them for His glory. Bring your little self and watch Him use you. God specializes in taking these frail, clay bodies and using them for His glory. Ill. 2 Cor. 4:7.

Gideon and his 300 member makeshift army did not look like much against the vast Midianite army. However Gideon was willing to believe you cannot go by what you see, we walk by faith and not sight.

David when he was just a delivery boy to the Israelite army, accepted a challenge from the Philistine giant. And he did not look like much with the natural eye. But he had a mighty great faith in His God.

When Israel marched around the walled cities of Jericho, in the natural it did not look like much. But with their obedience to God and faith in Him, they see those walls fall in a flash!

When Jesus asked a couple of fishermen, accountants, and zealots to carry on His work and to keep this thing running when he ascended into heaven, they did not look like much when they were off hiding away from everyone. Nevertheless, when they gave themselves over to the Holy Spirit things radically changed!

Do you look at the things you face in life and say, “There’s no way!” Friend, as long as there is a great God Who sits on the throne of Heaven, there is a way! He says, “I am the way!”, John 14:6! If you can get it into His hands, He will handle it and make a lot out of your little. What do you need to bring to Him tonight?

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