Our response to Covid-19

what we're doing: 

In light of the quickly evolving news regarding Covid-19, we want you to know that our Pastor and Deacon board are committed to keeping our church family safe, healthy, and informed. We understand that our world has changed. Because of that, the way we do church has also changed. It is our desire to communicate to you what measures we are taking to help protect our most vulnerable, our families and our community, while we still worship the King of Glory.   

While we are very excited to open our sanctuary to our church family, please be aware of the following guidelines that have been put in place for your protection while you are worshiping with us in person.


Under no circumstances, are we pressuring anyone to feel that they are obligated to worship with us "In person."

If you are not comfortable in returning to the building, by all means worship with us at home on our live-stream.

Service Times during Covid-19:


9:30 am - Sunday School (Adults only, and In person only)

10:30 am - Morning Worship service (In person & online at facebook.com/vrcfellowship)

6 pm - Evening service (Online only at facebook.com/vrcfellowship)


7 pm - Bible Study (Online only at facebook.com/vrcfellowship

Services will be uploaded to our YouTube channel throughout the week. 

Watch us online:
Precautions we are taking:
  1. The entire church has been thoroughly cleaned. We have continued to sanitize church pews, bathrooms, doorknobs, light switches, and frequently touched areas prior to your arrival. This is done before every service we hold in our building. 

  2. Please refrain from shaking hands, and all other personal contact.

  3. Once you enter the sanctuary, please wash your hands with soap and water, or use our hand sanitizer placed at all sanctuary entry points.

  4. Once you enter the building and you have washed/sanitized your hands, please find a place to sit and limit your movement around the sanctuary. 

  5. Know that every other pew has been roped off to further comply with social distancing protocols. (Please DO NOT remove ropes from pews.)

  6. No bulletins will be handed out. Bulletins will be placed on available pews.

  7. There will be no greeters in the lobby. This is done so that folks will not congregate in the lobby area.

  8. Ushers will not pass a offering plate. Folks are encouraged to use the "Red Box" located on the info table. You can place your tithes and offerings inside the box. Or, continue to use the online giving option.Click here! 

  9. If you have a mask, we ask you to wear it while in the facility at all times. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided for you to wear. (The Pastor will wear his until he goes to the stage to conduct the service. At that point, he will take his mask off. Once the service has concluded, he will put his mask back on.)

  10. Know that there will not be an invitation to come forward to the altar. Folks will be asked to pray at their seats.

  11. Sunday morning worship services will last around an hour.

  12. Know that at the end of service, the Pastor will dismiss the service for folks to exit the sanctuary section by section. This way, will will prevent folks from congregating at the exit doors.

  13. Anyone who is 65 or older, and has underlying conditions are asked to watch our service online. (Underlying condition include, but not limited to lung disease, people with heart conditions, people with compromised immune systems, diabetes, and liver disease.)

  14. Please note that there will be no activity in any other rooms beside the sanctuary. All other rooms have been cleaned, sanitized, and they are now locked. (This includes the Fellowship Hall, Sunday School rooms, outdoor bathrooms, small group rooms, and storage rooms. ) We kindly ask that you refrain from unlocking and entering these rooms. 

  15. All children's programs such as Sunday school, Children's church, and the nursery have been temporally suspended. 

Alterations to our worship schedule:

If you have any questions regarding our cleaning procedures, service times, or our online services, feel free to contact our church office at anytime. You can reach us at 407.656.3949 or email us at pastor@vrcfellowship.org. You can also direct message us on Facebook. We pray that things will return to some type of normal soon.  

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  1. Adult Sunday school will be held in the sanctuary for the foreseeable future on Sunday mornings at 9:30 am.

  2. All children's and youth ministries have been temporally suspended. This includes Sunday school, children's church, nursery, 180 Youth, kid's club, and preschool ministries.

  3. Small groups have been suspended for the foreseeable future.

  4. A Wednesday online Bible study is now available on facebook.com/vrcfellowship at 7 pm each Wednesday. The Bible study will be later uploaded to our YouTube channel. 

  5. Family Night Dinner's have been suspended for the foreseeable future. 

  6. Men's & Women's ministries have been suspended for the foreseeable future.

  7. Sunday morning worship service is available for you to participate in our building at 10:30 am, or enjoy our live-stream. If you decide to join us "In person" please follow our guidelines above.

  8. Sunday PM service is an "Online only" service for the foreseeable future. You can watch the service on Facebook at 6 pm on Sunday evenings. The service will be later uploaded to our YouTube channel.